Dimming Technology of LED Dimmer


   An LED dimmer is an electronic device that changes the luminous flux of the light source in the lighting device and adjusts the lighting level. The role of the LED dimmer is to adjust the light to different levels. The average power of the light produced by the different intensity light output is facilitated by decreasing or increasing the RMS voltage. This provision is intended to control lighting, although variable voltage devices may be used for a variety of purposes.


   In today's LED industry, I am currently optimistic about LED dimmer technology and LED driver power supply. LED drive power supply is mainly for LED street lights. This time we will focus on LED dimming. LED dimmer technology mainly includes the following aspects: this development in incandescent lamp dimming technology, incandescent lamp is a pure impedance load, which can realize dimming, but it is not practical for LED. from compatible thyristor dimming power supply, the efficiency is very low, usually it is difficult to reach 80%, which is in conflict with the energy saving purpose of LED. secondly, it is difficult to achieve high power factor. once again, operating only at a single input voltage, this dimming technology will definitely die out due to the elimination of incandescent bulbs, but due to high market penetration, it will exist for a while.


   Linear dimming uses a special dimming pin for a constant current chip to adjust the current of the LED to achieve the purpose of dimming. This technology is very good, but the wiring is complicated, which is not conducive to fluorescent lighting. Many lamps use this method. PWM dimming This method is similar to linear dimming, and linear dimming together occupy most of the table lamp dimming. This PWM dimming is also very popular with users and customers. Remote dimming is added to external remote control and wireless remote control, which is more complicated to realize, but it can achieve the effect of changing color temperature, and dimming methods such as color cannot be achieved. It is mainly used for dimming panel lights, and some bulb lights use some Dimming method.


   Segmented dimmer. This dimmer mode uses the switch on the wall to switch within a specified time to achieve the purpose of moving the light source. The advantage of this method is that no additional moving light source components are required. According to the existing installation, Each lamp can be dimmed, the other, because the dimming is completely controlled by the internal power switch chip, the full voltage range, no matter what the brightness is when working, can achieve high efficiency and high power factor, the disadvantage is only according to the set brightness cycle adjustment, can not achieve stepless dimming, and is very few of this type of IC, and the current regulation is not very ideal, but I think with the maturity of technology, IC manufacturers will be more perfect, personal feeling, this dimming technology, will become the mainstream of future dimming technology.




LED Dimmer



Dimming Technology of LED Dimmer

An LED dimmer is an electronic device that changes the luminous flux of the light source in the lighting device and adjusts the lighting level. The role of the LED dimmer is to adjust the light to different levels.



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