Home lighting

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Personalized home lighting
Lighting plays an increasingly important role in home life. A beautiful lighting can create a romantic atmosphere through the levels of light and shadow at night. During the day, it can decorate the room with its excellent shape. The colorful and different lightings not only illuminate your home, but also illuminate you. Fashion style. Due to the richness and variety of home life, the requirements for lighting are not limited to functional purposes, and gradually developed to have a personalized decorative effect.
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Complete variety
Indoor lighting is an important part of indoor environment design, and indoor lighting design should be conducive to safe and comfortable life for people's activities. Indoor natural light or lighting design should meet the needs of people's various activities in function, and also pay attention to the lighting effect of the space. We have a wide range of lighting power drivers that can help meet the needs of different indoor lighting fixtures, from floor lamps and wall lamps to chandeliers and table lamps, ceiling lamps, dimming and non-dimming, and there are many options.
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No flicker hazard
To realize LED lights without flicker, a high-performance driver + capacitor is required. LED lighting products with many advantages such as high efficiency, long life and high reliability, the driver uses a constant current circuit, isolated DC voltage output, LED light is very stable, no stroboscopic hazard, light source stroboscopic and migraine, headache, autism There is a close relationship with neurological diseases such as symptom, visual fatigue and discomfort. In severe cases, it can cause illusions in the human eye and cause accidents.
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SCR dimming
This kind of dimming product is widely used in home lighting, hotel lighting, commercial lighting, etc. The use of thyristor dimmers can automatically adjust the lights in the home according to a certain time and scene. Humanized control and adjustment can change the lighting environment according to human activities, energy saving and environmental protection such as lighting mode, reading mode, entertainment mode, sleep mode, etc.
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Three/four segments dimming
Three/four-segment dimming means that the brightness of the light is segmented through the switch. There is no remote control, and it is controlled by the switch panel. Press the switch to change the brightness of one kind of light, and the three kinds of lights are switched in a cycle. Dimming ratio: 100%-40%-10%-0 or 100%-60%-30%-10%-0, which is more discretionary in the dimming process, saves electricity, and can create a home atmosphere of different brightness, simple and convenient , High cost performance, loved by customers.