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800 foot dimmer switch

Dimming function:
Color temperature,Three sections,Thyristor
800 foot switch three-stage dimming  HFB1-24-48W-C1-S1   24Vdc   24Vdc  0-2000mA  48W max  Φ80*25 Three-stage dimming 100-60-20%, power-off memory
800 foot switch stepless dimming  HFB1-24-48W-C1-C5   24Vdc   24Vdc  0-2000mA  48W max  Stepless dimming, power-off memory, no cycle dimming, stop in the middle and then adjust to reverse dimming, 5-100%
800Foot switch dimming color  HFB2-24-48W-C1-C5   24Vdc   24Vdc  0-2000mA  48W max  Black, dimming palette, quick double tap to switch color temperature mode (yellow light, neutral light, white light), Short press on/Off, long press the stepless dimming. (applicable3line two-color constant voltage strip)