Product Details

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5-18W commercial light without stroboscopic constant current

-Built-in isolation driver -The input and output terminals are economical and convenient to install -Output open circuit, short circuit, overload, over temperature protection -Compliance with safety and extra-low voltage standards
European regulations
Dimming function:
No dimming
No flicker
Long type
Model Input voltage Output current Output voltage Output power power factor Efficiency Dimensions
HLC-6-150RDA 220-240Vac 150mA 24-42Vdc 6.3W >0.9 >0.85 88*38*22
HLC-8-200RDA 220-240Vac 200mA 24-42Vdc 8.4W >0.9 >0.85 88*38*22
HLC-11-250RDA 220-240Vac 250mA 24-42Vdc 10.5W >0.9 >0.85 88*38*22
HLC-12-280RDA 220-240Vac 280mA 24-42Vdc 11.8W >0.9 >0.85 88*38*22
HLC-15-350RDK 220-240Vac 350mA 24-42Vdc 14.7W >0.9 >0.85 88*38*22
HLC-18-450RDK 220-240Vac 450mA 20-40Vdc 18W >0.9 >0.85 88*38*22