Product Details

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21-30W British plug constant pressure

-Wall drive
-The output can be connected to VDE line and 2468 line, with 304 shift switch and 317 foot switch
-Output open circuit, short circuit, overload, over temperature protection
-Compliance with safety and extra-low voltage standards
-SELV isolation and Class II rating
-High power factor, long life, high reliability

European regulations
Dimming function:
No dimming
No flicker
Power range Product Model Input voltage Output voltage Output current Power factor Efficiency Overall dimension
output  power Model input voltage load voltage output current power factor typical efficiency dimension (mm)
21WMax. HLV1221BS 220-240Vac 12Vdc 0-1750mA 0.9 0.8 83.5*47*31
HLV2421BS 220-240Vac 24Vdc 0-900mA 0.9 0.8 83.5*47*31
HLV3621BS 220-240Vac 36Vdc 0-580mA 0.9 0.8 83.5*47*31
24WMax. HLV1224BS 220-240Vac 12Vdc 0-2000mA 0.9 0.8 83.5*47*31
HLV2424BS 220-240Vac 24Vdc 0-1000mA 0.9 0.8 83.5*47*31
HLV3624BS 220-240Vac 36Vdc 0-670mA 0.9 0.8 83.5*47*31
30WMax. HLV1230BS 220-240Vac 12Vdc 0-2500mA 0.9 0.8 95*50*34
HLV2430BS 220-240Vac 24Vdc 0-1250mA 0.9 0.8 83.5*47*31
HLV3630BS 220-240Vac 36Vdc 0-830mA 0.9 0.8 83.5*47*31
HLV4830BS 220-240Vac 48Vdc 0-625mA 0.9 0.8 83.5*47*31