Product Details

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15-36W no stroboscopic constant current

European regulations
Dimming function:
No dimming
No flicker
Long type
Model Input voltage Output current Output power power factor Efficiency Dimensions
HBL1216XXX 220-240Vdc 300-1000mA 12-16W.Max >0.9 >0.85 120*42*28
HBL1621XXX 220-240Vdc 300-1000mA 16-21W.Max >0.9 >0.85 120*42*28
HLVXXX20LC 220-240Vdc 300-1000mA 15-25W.Max >0.9 >0.85 115*45*28
HLVXXX36LC 220-240Vdc 300-1000mA 25-36W.Max >0.9 >0.85 115*45*28

Note: XXX here represents current, and the current is in a gear position every 50mA. Please call for advice if necessary.