Product Details

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20-36W Circular Constant Voltage Driver

-Built-in drive
-Input and output terminal blocks, economical and convenient installation
-Output open circuit, short circuit, overload, over temperature protection
-Protection class: IP20
-Compliance with safety and extra-low voltage standards
-SELV isolation and Class II rating
-High efficiency, high power factor, long life, high reliability

European regulations
Dimming function:
No dimming
No flicker
Power Model Input voltage Output voltage Output current Power factor Dimensions
20W HLV1220CA 220-240Vac 12Vdc 0-1680mA 0.9 96*30
HLV2420CA 220-240Vac 24Vdc 0-830mA 0.9
HLV3620CA 220-240Vac 36Vdc 0-560mA 0.9
25W HLV1225CA 220-240Vac 12Vdc 0-2080mA 0.9
HLV2425CA 220-240Vac 24Vdc 0-1050mA 0.9
HLV3625CA 220-240Vac 36Vdc 0-700mA 0.9
30W HLV1230CA 220-240Vac 12Vdc 0-2500mA 0.9
HLV2430CA 220-240Vac 24Vdc 0-1250mA 0.9
HLV3630CA 220-240Vac 36Vdc 0-830mA 0.9
36W HLV2436CA 220-240Vac 24Vdc 0-1500mA 0.9
HLV3636CA 220-240Vac 36Vdc 0-1000mA 0.9