Product Details

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15-30W three-segment dimming constant current

-Built-in isolated driver and Class II rating
-Input and output terminal blocks, economical and convenient installation
-Output short circuit, overcurrent, overload, over temperature protection
-Control mode: wall switch control
-Dimming mode: switch to switch monochrome 100%-40%-10%-off
-Compliance with safety and extra-low voltage standards
-With memory function, no strobe optional, segmented dimming ratio can be customized according to customer requirements
-- High efficiency, high power factor, long life, high reliability

European regulations
Dimming function:
Three sections
No flicker
Long type
Model Input voltage Output current Output power power factor Efficiency Dimensions
HLVXXX15SDN 220-240Vac 300-700mA 10-15W.Max >0.9 >0.85 140*45*28
HLVXXX25SDN 220-240Vac 350-1050mA 15-25W.Max >0.9 >0.85 140*45*28
HLVXXX30SDN 220-240Vac 350-1000mA 25-30W.Max >0.9 >0.85 140*45*28

Note: XXX here represents current, and the current is in a gear position every 50mA. Please call for advice if necessary.